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Dr. Michael Lewis

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About Dr. Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is an orthopedic surgeon at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. He has been Chief of Staff at Rush North Shore Medical Center, where he was named best teacher of the year. He has also been an orthopedic consultant to the Chicago White Sox baseball team, the Chicago Wolves hockey team, and the Chicago Bulls basketball team, with whom he earned two championship rings. Dr. Lewis has been honored to treat numerous world-class athletes from several continents, including an Olympic gold medal winner. An avid tennis player, he has won a Greater Chicagoland singles tournament.

Michael Lewis started taking photographs more than thirty years ago when he was stationed in the United Kingdom as an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Air Force. At that time he was able to travel throughout Europe, as well as East Africa, Nepal and
India. Since then his passion for photography has grown exponentially.

Michael is honored that his images have been published in a number of books and magazines, including the Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin and Nature Photographer. During a one man show of his in a Chicago-area gallery, people reported that his work struck a deep chord in them, which led to the publication of One World. His photographs have since been shown in several galleries and exhibitions, including Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts; the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California; the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois; and Children’s Hospital of Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both medicine and photography are about intimacy. As a physician, Dr. Lewis feels that it is a great honor to share intimate experiences in his patients’ lives. As a photographer, he feels that it is a privilege to be part of intimate moments in his subjects’ lives. So in some ways One World is a bridge-a link between his life as a physician and his life as a photographer.