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Chicago Pizza Tours

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About Chicago Pizza Tours

Chicago Pizza Tours is the first company to offer both visitors & locals tours designed around Chicago’s most defining food, pizza. To make sure the experience took you beyond the big names and into the neighborhoods where Chicagoans call home, we created a bus guided tour of culturally significant and neighborhood pizzerias.

On Chicago Pizza Tours you have an exclusive opportunity to See Chicago, One Slice At A Time as we sample pizza from different neighborhoods. Being bus driven provides us the flexibility to travel to any restaurant in any neighborhood and never compromise for what is within walking distance. Most think Chicago only offers up deep dish, and while that is a signature style, we also want you to try tavern style, artisanal, and Neapolitan just to name a few. Always a full slice, this tour serves as more than a meal replacement.

You will visit the inside of kitchens; we’ll serve as your backstage pass at several of the restaurants. Our guides will help educate you on ingredients, ovens, and the physics of what makes the pizzas you sample so special. Whether a visitor or local, get on Dough Force One and explore pizza in the neighborhoods, because Magnificent Pizza spans more than a mile!